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: Also, see [ this]. Here I have tried to create a Danish article for one of my own wikis. However I cannot know if my translations are correct. This is why I don't speak Danish in discussions. (Let a Dane fix it on their own) [[Bruger:NativeCat|NativeCat]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:NativeCat|diskussion]]) 27. jan 2015, 01:27 (UTC)
Any tips? Advice? Comments? Anything? [[Bruger:NativeCat|NativeCat]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:NativeCat|diskussion]]) 27. jan 2015, 22:41 (UTC)
:Neither negative nor positive comments. --[[Bruger:Olelog|Olelog]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Olelog|diskussion]]) 28. jan 2015, 07:42 (UTC)