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:Ok with new template. --[[Bruger:ContraVentum|ContraVentum]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:ContraVentum|diskussion]]) 10. jan 2015, 17:29 (UTC)
== ContraVentum ==
The thing is, before, I made a lot of edits before that were incorrect because I had mistakenly thought I was good at Danish because I was better than anyone else in my American community. I knew a lot of words and such, but I've always actually wanted to learn to speak Danish the correct and fluent way. Do you know of any way I can do this without actually visiting Denmark? Because I unfortunately cannot visit for monetary reasons. [[Bruger:NativeCat|NativeCat]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:NativeCat|diskussion]]) 30. mar 2015, 16:57 (UTC)