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Hi. I wanted to let you guys know that I am compiling several lists of Danish terms that we do and don't have taken from several text sources, especially from the English Wiktionary. As the Danish Wiktionary, we should obviously and hypothetically include not just all lemma forms, but all non-lemma forms as well. See [[Bruger:Philmonte101|my user page]] for a list of these. This is what I'm currently basing many of my entries on. Right now, the Danish Wiktionary is doing well, but is seriously lacking in many areas. That's what I'm here to help the project with! [[Bruger:Philmonte101|Philmonte101]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Philmonte101|diskussion]]) 5. aug 2016, 19:38 (UTC)
== Proposal for an extension to the Danish Wiktionary's policy on what is and isn't allowed here. ==
My motive is from the false entry [[the American dream]] which everyone here is unfortunately defending. I am American and I am a native English speaker; they should be listening to me rather than treating my opinion on the matter as "vandalism".
Anywho, in this example, the more common capitalization for the term is [[American Dream]], and adding "[[the]]" beforehand just makes it a sum-of-parts term, as you can find the definition for [[the]] separately from [[American Dream]].
Please refer to the English Wiktionary's policy on SOPs, as follows:
"An expression is idiomatic if its full meaning cannot be easily derived from the meaning of its separate components. Non-idiomatic expressions are called sum-of-parts (SOP).
For example, '''this is a door''' is not idiomatic, but shut up and red herring are."
We ''need'' official policy on this here. Let's have a vote. [[Bruger:Philmonte101|Philmonte101]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Philmonte101|diskussion]]) 31. aug 2016, 11:31 (UTC)