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We could make this into an actual entry, possibly. See en:your mom. It's not SOP either. NativeCat (diskussion) 24. jan 2015, 20:18 (UTC)

In principle you are right, of course, but in English "your mother" is "pejorative, US, UK, slang" as the English Wiktionary says, in Danish "din mor" is no such thing. It just says whose mother it is, and no more than that. I don't see the use of entries like "din far", "din moster", "din onkel", "din bedstefar", or "min mor", "vores mor", "jeres mor", "din venindes mor" and so on. Does the English Wiktionary by the way have an entry for "your dad"? --Olelog (diskussion) 24. jan 2015, 20:36 (UTC)
You're right, if din mor means nothing more than "your mother", then there's no point in having this entry. Din mor must be an SOP then. I was just bringing it up just in case this was the case. Thank you for telling me. NativeCat (diskussion) 24. jan 2015, 20:56 (UTC)
The entry is now deleted because it was vandalism.
- Sarrus (db) d. 25. jan 2015, 16:12 (UTC)
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