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When the page is here, but it's in Swedish, does that just mean that the page _doesn't_ exist in Danish, but Wiktionary is helpfully showing me the meaning of the word in Swedish? I'm just not sure exactly how to edit the page... Also, should I be writing in Danish in the discussion pages of the Danish Wiktionary? :)

If you want to add a Danish word, then just add it above the Swedish. Since you have asked a question on this page you know how to edit a page, so what are you in doubt about? Just try to expand the entry and another user will probably fix it if neccessary. About the language: If you know Danish, you can write in Danish on talk pages, but if you don't know Danish, you could just continue in English.
- Sarrus (db) d. 27. okt 2015, 14:34 (UTC)
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