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I need help with this template. [[Template:Fransk konjugationstabel 2-er-avoir]], and probably others, need to be modified so that the tables use Danish words to describe the forms, but obviously have the verb forms in French. There should also be links to all of the forms listed, since theoretically, Wiktionary should have entries for every attestable word that is not SoP in every attestable language, including the forms. [[Bruger:Philmonte101|Philmonte101]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Philmonte101|diskussion]]) 30. jul 2016, 11:09 (UTC)
== English words needed on the Danish Wiktionary. ==
Hi. I wanted to let you guys know that I am compiling several lists of Danish terms that we do and don't have taken from several text sources, especially from the English Wiktionary. As the Danish Wiktionary, we should obviously and hypothetically include not just all lemma forms, but all non-lemma forms as well. See [[Bruger:Philmonte101|my user page]] for a list of these. This is what I'm currently basing many of my entries on. Right now, the Danish Wiktionary is doing well, but is seriously lacking in many areas. That's what I'm here to help the project with! [[Bruger:Philmonte101|Philmonte101]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Philmonte101|diskussion]]) 5. aug 2016, 19:38 (UTC)