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please use this page only to:

request administrative action against editors violating a remedy (not merely a principle) or an injunction in an Arbitration committee decision, or a

discretionary sanction imposed by an administrator,

request discretionary sanctions against previously alerted editors who engage in misconduct in a topic area subject to discretionary sanctions,

request other administrative measures, such as revert restrictions, with respect to pages that are being disrupted in topic areas subject to discretionary sanctions, or

appeal discretionary sanctions to uninvolved administrators.

For all other problems, including content disagreements or the enforcement of community-imposed sanctions, please use the other fora described in the dispute resolution process. To appeal Arbitration Committee decisions, please use the clarification and amendment noticeboard.

Only autoconfirmed users may file enforcement requests here; requests filed by IPs or accounts less than four days old or with less than ten edits will be removed. All users are welcome to comment on requests. if you make an enforcement request or comment on a request, your own conduct may be examined as well, and you may be sanctioned for it. Enforcement requests and statements in response to them may not exceed 500 words and 20 diffs, except by permission of a reviewing administrator.(word count tool) Statements must be made in separate sections. noncompliant contributions may be removed or shortened by administrators. disruptive contributions such as personal attacks, or groundless or vexatious complaints, may result in blocks or other sanctions.

To make an enforcement request, click on the link above this box and supply all required information. incomplete request may be ignored. Requests reporting diffs older than one week may be declined as stale.

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